Dealing with a divorce…



Going through a divorce? Depressed? I know what you are going through…

This is my experience and how I dealt with the worst of it…

My ex and I lived together for 7 years, were married for 3 and produced 2 beautiful boys.

Although we had many ups and downs we always stayed together trying to fix it, until 1 day this year.  We were going through a rough patch and that’s when I found it! The messages… on his phone… purely by accident… with another woman, a friend of us both… very romantic messages.

I was shocked, that feeling of wanting to pass out washed through my body as I held his phone and read what was written… I was devastated! I emailed the conversation to myself and while at work I started from the beginning and read through everything, he didn’t even really make an effort to try…

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Meet PEP’s 2014 Houston Employer of the Year: Cedric Hornbuckle and Moved by Love LLC

PEP Blog

This year, PEP is very proud to announce that our Houston Employer of the Year is Cedric Hornbuckle … the charismatic leader behind Moved by Love, LLC.

(Cedric is also a PEP Graduate who recently met with Senator John Corynyn to tell him more about his business and the impact of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program).

Here are some photos of Cedric at the 2014 Houston eSchool Graduation Dinner. Cedric was recognized at the ceremony for his many contributions to PEP over the years, particularly his service as a mentor and employer to our recently released graduates.

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My Conversation with Business Insider about Net Neutrality

Insights from a true “insider” …

blog maverick

Hey Mark,
A few things that stood out from your recent string of Tweets:
Yes, broadband speed and quality have gotten better. But it’s still behind the most of the developed world. We pay a lot more on average for slower speeds on average.
The overarching problem is that there is no competition among ISPs. They each have monopolies where they operate. That in turn gives them little incentive to provide better service, invest in infrastructure, and so on. In fact investment in those things have declined over the last four years.
Allowing ISPs to compete would be wonderful, but they’re not competing now. And the way the system is set up now, they won’t need to.
The unfortunate truth is that while Title II isn’t ideal, it’s the best and only option we have right now to ensure those monopolies continue to run away.
Anyway, let me know what…

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the gregg group is neither a gregg nor a group

Think about it.

“Hey, anybody looking for a divorce attorney in Allen? This guy on the right could use one.”

Call the best.

Forget the rest.

That’s the way the song goes.

p.s. (Wait, is that a Vulcan sign on the left???)


Keys to Surviving Divorce


Going through a divorce can be a difficult time. Here are some tips to help you get the best result possible, while maintaining your sanity.

1.    Complete a thorough inventory of your assets and your needs

    Taking accurate inventory of your assets and their most current valuations is crucial in achieving a favorable outcome. Knowledge is power when negotiating the finances of your divorce. The inventory should include every asset you own from the cars to the retirement accounts to future pensions and social security payouts at a future age for you and your spouse. You should also make copies of all tax returns over the past 3 years. These returns can help explain a lot more than your income and taxes paid; they can help find potentially hidden assets, dividends, capital gains, depreciation, and business expenses.

          2.  Get your emotions out with your support group – not your lawyer


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I Ignored the Signs and Stayed With You…But Now I Choose Me!

Jayne L. Brayer Attorney P.C

When was it obvious that the relationship was doomed?  So many say they wish they knew their spouse was a cheater (or alcoholic, gambler, controlling, abusive …).  Was it really a surprise?  Probably not. Be honest with yourself. When did you know?


  1. Was he checking his phone more often then you were comfortable with?
  2. Was she unreachable when you called, only to say she must have been in a spot with poor cell reception?
  3. Is your combined income good, yet money is unaccounted for?
  4. Do you feel you need to walk on eggshells around her?

 being-yourself-quotes-pictures-2-f71e1589 (1)

Be honest with yourself. Most of us knew, or should have known when the relationship started to go bad. My suggestion, when you see something, say something!  Willful blindness could only prolong the inevitable and even make the situation worse. Isn’t it better to address your concerns early, before resentment rears it’s ugly…

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Links to Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys in North Texas

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You can doooo it!

how long could it possibly take to to get a divorce in texas?!?

Ever asked yourself “how long does it take to get a divorce in texas“?

Well, now you have the answer. Check out Allen, Texas divorce lawyer Natalie Gregg‘s free blog, The Texas Family Law Blog, here on this very topic:

She also writes for Huffington Post.

They say she is some kind of Texas Super Lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

great huffington post blog

3914321829_8aa245c2b5_zGreat blog from Natalie Gregg

Sleeping With the Enemy: Saving Your Family After an Affair

You can read Natalie’s other family law blogs here.

How Assets are Divided in Texas Divorce

Here is our latest blog about Texas Divorce that explains how assets are divided in divorce

The Law Office of Natalie Gregg.