some of my favorite divorce blogs

devious bastichOh, and don’t kid yourself in thinking that is a small list!

But here are my favorites:

  1. What to Expect in Family LawTo help you understand what to expect from your attorney, we put together these resources:
    1. Timeline for Procedures in Family Law
    2. What are the Filing Fees in North Texas Family Law Courts?
    3. e’s a devious bastich, that oneDIVORCE
      1. How long does it take to get divorced in Texas?
      2. What are the Effects of Divorce on Kids?
      3. How much is a divorce?
      4. Should I get divorced?
      5. Divorce Readiness Questionnaire
  2. What NOT to Expect: Equally important, you should understand what NOT to expect from your attorney:
    1. Top Ten Common Myths in Family Law
    2. You can love your kids or hate your spouse- but you can’t do both

Top Ten Lists for Family Law Clients

  1. Top Ten Things to Tell your Lawyer in the First Consultation.”
  2. Top Ten Things to Do Before you File a Family Case
  3. The Do’s and Don’ts of Testifying in a Family Case
  4. Top 10 Things to Bring to a Temporary Orders Hearing

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