I Ignored the Signs and Stayed With You…But Now I Choose Me!

Jayne L. Brayer Attorney P.C

When was it obvious that the relationship was doomed?  So many say they wish they knew their spouse was a cheater (or alcoholic, gambler, controlling, abusive …).  Was it really a surprise?  Probably not. Be honest with yourself. When did you know?


  1. Was he checking his phone more often then you were comfortable with?
  2. Was she unreachable when you called, only to say she must have been in a spot with poor cell reception?
  3. Is your combined income good, yet money is unaccounted for?
  4. Do you feel you need to walk on eggshells around her?

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Be honest with yourself. Most of us knew, or should have known when the relationship started to go bad. My suggestion, when you see something, say something!  Willful blindness could only prolong the inevitable and even make the situation worse. Isn’t it better to address your concerns early, before resentment rears it’s ugly…

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