My Conversation with Business Insider about Net Neutrality

Insights from a true “insider” …

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Hey Mark,
A few things that stood out from your recent string of Tweets:
Yes, broadband speed and quality have gotten better. But it’s still behind the most of the developed world. We pay a lot more on average for slower speeds on average.
The overarching problem is that there is no competition among ISPs. They each have monopolies where they operate. That in turn gives them little incentive to provide better service, invest in infrastructure, and so on. In fact investment in those things have declined over the last four years.
Allowing ISPs to compete would be wonderful, but they’re not competing now. And the way the system is set up now, they won’t need to.
The unfortunate truth is that while Title II isn’t ideal, it’s the best and only option we have right now to ensure those monopolies continue to run away.
Anyway, let me know what…

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